The Berserkers are the only mortal faction of the Lore. Unlike the Forbearer army they are fully accepted as a part of the Lore and have access to the same knowledge and restrained by the same laws. They align with the Valkyrie usually, because of their allegiance to Wóden.

Book of Lore Entry

A berserker's lonely life is filled with naught but battle rage and bloodlust…

  • A cadre of human warriors, known for their merciless brutality, who swear allegiance to Wóden.
  • Stronger and faster than mere mortals, they carry within them the spirit of the bear and can channel its ferocity into a berserkrage, temporarily becoming as powerful as an immortal.
  • When a berserker wins his two hundredth battle in Wóden's name, the god will grant him ohalla—immortality with untold strength.

Known BerserkersEdit

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