Chloe Todd is the half-human half-Succubus mate of the Lykae Uilleam MacRieve. She was a starter on a professional women's soccer team and an Olympic hopeful before her transition into the Lore. Chloe did not understand what was happening to her and ended up being kidnapped and auctioned off by Belee of the House of Witches.

Injured during her escape with the MacRieve twins, Uilleam takes her to Loa's Voodoo store to be healed. Chloe's transition finished after she was taken to the Lykae compound in New Orleans. It was triggered by Uilleam's climax which fed Chloe's succubus side. After much fighting and argument, Uilleam takes Chloe to his family Scottish manor and tries to woo his mate.

Scotland is where she meets her mother's family much to Uilleam's dismay.

Chloe is expected to help Uilleam retrieve his twin brother Munro.