Conrad Wroth is a red-eyed or Fallen Vampire. Despite being Fallen, Conrad drinks only from his Bride. He does not align with The Horde and has reached a truce only to not fight the Forbearer Army or Kristoff.


As a mortal he was an nobleman in Estonia and a member of the Kapsliga Uur. When The Great Northern War broke out he took up arms to defend his country under the command of his brother Nikolai. They eventually lost the war and Nikolai sent him and Sebastian back to Blachmount to defend it.

When they arrived it was plague-struck. This, however, didn't stop Russian soldiers from attacking and mortally wounding him and Sebastian. Newly turned himself, Nikolai then turned Conrad and Sebastian. Horrified to become what he had hunted for over a decade, Conrad left.

Unable to buy blood he took a contract to kill a Shapeshifter and drank him to death. Now Fallen, he spent the next three centuries as an assassin and plotting to kill his brothers. After the events of Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night, his brothers capture him from a bar in New Orleans and hold him in Elancourt.

While in Elancourt the sedative that his brothers treated him with and the presence of his Bride Néomi Laress helped him regain much of his sanity and after she regained her body they fell in love. Néomi was mortally wounded by Cadeon Woede who was trying to kill Conrad's enemy Tarut, but missed when Néomi was used as a human shield.

He asked Mariketa MacRieve to save her and give her a fresh body, but after Mari was interrupted Néomi's body was lost. Conrad stormed the Forbearer headquarters freeing his brothers and creating a truce between himself and Kristoff. Nikolai helped him find Néomi, who was now an immortal Phantom.

When Mariketa discovered the location of The Order's island in Demon from the Dark, Conrad traced there and found Carrow for her.

He is married to his Bride Néomi Laress