Demestriu first appears in A Hunger Like No Other. He was the last King of the Vampires and leader of the Horde. He was the most powerful and evil of all vampires. He had a daughter, Emmaline Troy, with the Valkyrie Helen of Troy.

Demestriu was born Fyodor, brother to King Stefanovich. He recruited his nephew Lothaire to kill immortals, harvest their powers and memories. He freed Lothaire from being buried alive to secure the Horde crown for himself. When crowned by the Horde, he took the name Demestriu, which meant rule without end.

When he discovered that Ivo the Cruel planned to marry his daughter, kill him and take the Horde throne he tried to kill Emma himself, but failed and was killed by her instead.

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Long white hair
  • Pink eyes