Emmaline Troy, also known as Emma the Timid, is a half Valkyrie / half vampire halfling raised by her adopted Valkyrie mother, Annika. She grew up at Val Hall, in New Orleans, fiercely protected by her Valkyrie family.

At the young age of seventy, Emma completed her graduate degree at Tulane University in Pop Culture. She seemed to have inherited weaknesses of both races, but finds her strength through the trials of matehood, and within the discord of her family. Her birth mother was the fabled Helen of Troy, a Valkyrie, and her father was Demestriu, the infamous vampire King of The Horde. Helen died soon after she gave birth, making Emma the last known natural-born vampire of the Lore. 

Emma didn't know her father's identity when she met her mate, King Lachlain MacRieve of the Lykae. They met in Paris, right after he escaped the catacombs, where he was tortured by The Horde — specifically, Demestriu — for fifteen decades. As they travel together to his ancenstral home, Emma learns more about her ancestry, her family, and her mate. 

Along with her Valkyrie gifts, she also has the vampire ablites to trace and dream true memories, inherited from Demestriu. In addition, since mating to Lachlain, Emma has the Instinct, making her part-Lykae. She was recorded in the Book of Warriors as Emma the Unlikely, Emma the Slayer of Kings, and Emma of the Three. 

Physical DescriptionEdit

Emma has pale blonde hair and eyes as blue as the sky. She's noted as petite — according to her driver's license, she's five foot four, and 105 pounds. Her Valkyrie blood gives her pointed ears and ethereal features. As Emma is settled into her immortality, she only seems to be twenty-four years old. 

She has a love for edgy clothing, self-described as "hipster/contrarian," which generally consists of tall heels and short skirts. As a half-Valkyrie, Emma loves shopping. Her favorite lingerie is from Strumpet & Pink. She also paints her nails often, as it's the only form of semi-permanent change she can make to her body.