The Fey are a collection of fey breeds. They are masters in the art of poisons and excellent archers. They create a small number of enchanted quivers each year, few are ever sold to outsiders.

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The Fey of Grimm Dominion, or the Draiksulia

Noble overlords ruling a class of demons.”

“A warrior nobility who ruled over all the demon serfs in their realm.”[1]

  • Were odals, an ancient term for Feudal[s][2] overlords, which became shortened to fey.
  • Masters in the art of poisons.
  • Males prefer to be called Draiks.
  • Many different subsets, including fire, ice, and forest fey.
  • Posesses supernatural speed and cunning[3].
  • The Sylvan kingdom is ruled by King Saetthan, also known as Saetth[3].

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Notes Edit

  1. This quote first appeared at the beginning of Sweet Ruin.
  2. In Sweet Ruin, the s is removed in favor of the text that follows.
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