Garreth MacRieve first appeared in A Hunger Like No Other. An estimated 1200 year old Lykae, Prince and heir to the Lykae throne. He held the title reluctantly for 150 years while his brother Lachlain was trapped by Demestriu - leader of the Vampire Horde. Openly expressed he had no desires to claim the throne even in the rightful king's absence.

He earned himself the name of Dark Prince early on in life (less than 20 years old) for his less than princely behaviour, referring to have made a deal with Lucifer, and constantly being bailed out by his brother.

Though his clan originated in the Scottish Highlands, residing in Kinevane, he and a few others migrated away and eventually settled in Southern Louisiana. Due to his close proximity to the Valkyries' residence - Val Hall - he encountered his mate in a Valkyrie known as Lucia the Huntress. He was trapped by the Valkyries to trade his brother for Emmaline Troy, the mate of Lachlain.

When his mate ran from him, to search for a Dieumort to kill Crom Cruach (The Broken Bloody One), he is forced to chase her, eventually ending up in Amazonia - the labyrinth resting place of La Dorada. After following Lucia - against her wishes - to the lair of Cruach - he is possessed by him to kill her. His inner beast, his Lykae Instinct, drives the sword into himself instead but his mind remains convinced he killed his mate and suffered the torment of a wolf who lost his female. Lucia manages to coax him from his lost state that few can ever return from.

Physical Description Edit

  • Thick (rich) dark brown hair
  • Tan Skin
  • Laugh lines around his eyes
  • Golden eyes
  • Six (plus) feet tall
  • Muscled