Häxa, Queen of False Faces was one of the three Wiccae goddesses along with her sisters Hela and Hekate. Häxa, was the goddess representing all bad. When she became too powerful her sisters bound her and made her immortal and not a goddess. They were unable to kill her as witches cannot kill their family.

Häxa received power from creating misery. Häxa granted wishes in exchange for the power that she would receive from the misery they caused. She also froze people by the thousands to feed off of their misery.

She took the face of Mariah to cause misery and guilt in Bowen MacRieve in preparation for a fight with Mariketa the Awaited. She eventually lost the fight and was killed.


She granted a wish to Angus MacRieve to make him the strongest of his older brothers, by killing them. The ensuing guilt made him abdicate the Lykae throne.

She granted a wish to Mariah to make Bowen MacRieve believe he was her mate and killed when she was injured after a fall on the full moon.


Häxa routinely took on the forms of others to create misery and hide her true form.

Her true form was hideous. Her eyes had yellow pupils with black where the whites of her eyes should have been. She was at least eight feet tall with gray and waxy skin. She also had long claws.

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