The Icere Fey are the Fey of the Frozen North. Their home is Icergard in the Artic Circle.

Their current monarch is Jadian the Cold, who was crowned when the rightful Queen, Daniela chose not to continue ruling. Their previous rulers were Svana the Great and Sigmund. Queen Svana was the monarch in her own right. She married Sigmund, who was her fated mate. He later killed her, but she was healed by Freya and Woden who chose to preserve her courage. She left Valhalla almost ten years later, only for Sigmund to succeed in killing her.

The Icere Fey were ruled by Sigmund for several centuries, all the while he attempted to kill Daniela to secure "his" throne.


The Icere are most comfortable in very cold conditions and are vulnerable to heat, and especially the poison produced by Fire Demons.

The Icere have a specialised type of magic, Cyromancy which is performed using symbols carved into ice.

Known Icere Fey CharactersEdit