Kaderin the Cold Hearted was known as the Kind Hearted until a millenia ago she spared a Vampire in battle and he killed her triplet sisters, Dasha and Rika. Her grief was great enough to debilitate her and her Valkyrie sisters, but she was too strong too die of the sorrow.

A mysterious benefactor, later revealed to be Riora, Goddess of Impossibility removed her emotions, Kaderin considered this a blessing. It was also implied that the blessing was not supposed to remove all her emotions.

Left with cold logic, Kaderin tortured the Vampire who killed her sisters until he begged for death and then allowed him to go into the sun. She also won the Talisman's Hie five times. Without emotions, Kaderin didn't under go any aversion training for diamonds or jewellery.

After the Valkyrie incursion into Kinevane, she was asked to slay a vampire. This was Sebastian Wroth who she would blood in No Rest for the Wicked. Unable to kill him after he returned her emotions she left.

Sebastian found her at the Talisman's Hie opening ceremony and entered to win for her. Through multiple trials and prizes, both Kaderin and Sebastian face their growing emotions and the other competitors in the competition. She was killed by the Fyre Serpénte after Nix saw her death (the first time Nix has ever seen a Valkyrie's death). She was saved by Sebastian who went on to win that Talisman's Hie and use the prize, Thrane's Key to go back in time and prevent her death and to save her sisters.

She is Mated to Sebastian Wroth

Physical Decription Edit

  • Brown-eyed
  • Light golden skin
  • Blonde Hair that looks almost white in candlelight
  • 5 feet tall

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