Lachlain MacRieve first appeared in A Hunger Like No Other. He is 1200 years old and King of the Lykae clan from the Scottish Highlands.

He was trapped by the Vampire Horde in the catacombs under Paris. Being tortured with never-ending fire by the Vampire Horde leader, Demestriu. He was cursed to burn to death for eternity, reviving over and over due to his being immortal.

He escaped after 150 years to claim the sheltered half valkyrie/half vampire, Emmaline Troy, as his mate. After claiming Emma as his mate he kills Ivo the Cruel to protect after she kills her father, Demestriu.

Lachlain is the Mate of Emmaline.

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Golden-eyed
  • Sun-tanned skin
  • Thick, straight rich, dark brown hair that looks golden in the sun
  • Six feet, Six inches tall
  • Scottish Accent