A cunning and opportunistic Horde vampire. Known as "The Enemy of Old" he is a living legend among the Lore. Few can remember a time before him. Almost as old as Nix, he has spent much of his life accumulating power both personal in the form of knowledge and power gained by drinking others, mortal and immortal, to death, and favors. Lothaire can almost always predict how people will react to a given situation. Unlike Nix's psychic foresight, Lothaire's insight is the result of centuries spent observing others and his keen mind. This allows him to create situations where others are willing to promise him anything. He has collected thousands of oaths, from good and evil, great and small, even gods.

Lothaire is justly feared. He once caused a demon warrior to wet himself simply by telling the demon his name. He has some skill with magic but if it's important he can always call in a favor. He is an admitted voyeur and spies on people almost compulsively.