Never far from her bow, Lucia is as mysterious as her background. Tempted from Valhalla by a deity known as Crom she was tricked to marrying Crom Cruach (The Broken Blood One) worshiped by Cromites and thriving off the sacrifices pledged in his name. Driven to desperation to escape him she threw herself off a cliff. She was saved from death by her best friend Reginleit the Radiant who had followed her from Valhalla, despite being only 12 years of age. Taking her to the goddess Skathi, Lucia was healed and blessed with a goddess-given talent in archery, but at a price. Like all Skathians she pledged herself to the goddess and was bound by three rules - to remain chaste, to kill Cruach when he rose every 500 years and to be cursed to feel indescribable pain whenever she misses a shot.

She has become the world’s most skilled archer, a Valkyrie dispatched by Nix to deal with those who disrupt the balance of their world.

Garreth MacRieve, the Lykae Prince, threatens her control with passion when he finds her after a kill. When she does not return his affections he admires her from afar until she find out she is his mate and runs from him - also seeking to find a Dieumort to kill a deity like Crom Cruach forever. Determined to have her he gives chase, trailing and protecting her until he catches up in the Amazon. Lucia is annoyed to find out, that like many Lorean matings, Nix had been guiling the Lykae to her.

When facing Cruach - for her final time - she manages to kill him with a dieumort regenerated from the never-emptying arrow quiver Garreth had gifted her (one stolen from Tera The Fey) but only after her Lykae had taken his own life to save hers, believing he killed her and losing his mind to the beast. Her newfound love and affection for her mate coaxed him back from his desolation and the pair vowed to marry when Regin was found following her capture by an order of humans, lead by Declan Chase.

Physical Appearance Edit

  • Smooth, golden skin
  • Silver eyes
  • Fey-like features, pointed ears. "High, bold cheekbones, plump lips, and a slim pixie nose"
  • Deep, caramel coloured hair
  • Small fangs
  • Claws
  • Curvy body
  • Average height