Melanthe is a Character in Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series. Melanthe is a Sorceri.

She first appears as Sabine's sister in Kiss of a Demon King, going by the nickname Lanthe. She expresses a wish for love and frustration with her circumstances as someone unable to protect herself thanks to the loss of her main power.

Lanthe expended her root power of Persuasion some years in the past compelling Sabine to live. It is also known that she told Thronos, a Vrekener to jump off a cliff without his wings, before he reached his immortality. Thronos was crippled as a result.

In Demon from the Dark Lanthe is a captive of The Order, sharing a room with Carrow. Lanthe tells Carrow that she and Thronos were childhood sweethearts and that Sabine killed his father when they came after them.