Morgana is the Queen of the Sorceri. She is both the Queen of Sorceri in a magical sense as her Sorceri power is to control other Sorceri and their powers, as well as a monarchial sense.

Morgana is the godmother of Bettina and was disappointed when Bettina's mother married a Demon. She promised Bettina to return her power in exchange for Bettina agreeing to be the prize in a contest. Although she was able to fulfill her end of the bargain, when she made the deal Morgana could not fulfill it.

She is admired by Nereus, an oceanic deity when Lanthe used her status to deflect his attentions. Morgana later uses Lanthe's power of persuasion to command Thronos to forget Lanthe when she attacks Skye Hall hoping to free Lanthe from what she assumed was an imprisonment.