Murdoch Wroth was a human. An Estonian nobleman during The Great Northern War, he and his brothers took up responsibility for protecting their country. He is married to his Bride, Daniela.

Before the SeriesEdit

Murdoch was killed in one of the final battles of The Great Northern War, in the same battle as his older brother, Nikolai Wroth. Nikolai had bargained with Kristoff and so Muroch was turned, becoming a Vampire. When he and Nikolai returned to their Blachmount, they discovered their sisters dying of the plague and their brothers mortally wounded. The two gave them blood, hoping to turn them also, but only Sebastian and Conrad survived.

Murdoch spent many years fighting The Horde under Kristoff.

During the SeriesEdit

Murdoch meets and is blooded by Dani the Ice Maiden the same night, Nikolai finds Myst the Coveted. Their relationship is rocky at first but eventually they resolve their issues.

Murdoch now regularly drinks of Icere Fey blood, which makes him almost immune to cold but vulnerable to heat. He and Daniela live in his Siberian Hunting Lodge.