Omort the Deathless was a Sorceri. He was the son of a Vessel and an evil-aligned man. He stole the demon kingdom of Tornin from Rydstrom. He aligned with the Pravus vampires lead by Lothaire. After an oracle predicted he was to become obsessed with Sabine, he sought her out. He was obsessed with her as she had experienced death so many times. He also had incestuous fantasies about her as she was his powerful halfsister.

A powerful Sorcerer, Omort was capable of stealing many vast powers, but he could not withstand precognition. He used many pre-cog capable immortals as oracles including Hag whom he cursed after she predicted his obsession with Sabine and her rejection of him.

Omort was unable to die by normal means, even for an immortal, healing from beheadings and other deathblows.

He was beheaded permanently by Rydstrom using a specially crafted sword designed to kill him by Groot the Metallurgist, his enemy half brother. Rydstrom was able to deliver this death blow only after Melanthe diffused Omort's sorcery powers.