Rodrigo Gamboa is a Columbian drug lord and a half-Demon. His mother was a demon and she told him tales of the Lore. He can recognise Loreans on sight and was indebted to Lothaire.

Before the Series BeganEdit

Fascinated with the tales of Valkyrie his mother told him, Gamboa acquires an opal ring predicted to bring a Valkyrie to it. Gamboa becomes a powerful drug lord.

During the SeriesEdit

At the opening of a club in Columbia the crowd is filled with Loreans and Gamboa accosted by Kaderin the Cold Hearted for his Opal ring.

Cara the Fair is seen heading to Columbia at the end of Dark Desires After Dusk possibly to speak with him.

On prompting from Nix, Sabine and Lanthe steal gold from him.