Scârbă is the term that Oblivion Plane Demons use to call demons that are turned into vampires. Colloquially they are called vemons, a portmanteau of vampire and demon. They are incredibly strong as they have the strength of demons further enhanced by their vampire nature and then by blooding in the event they meet their bride.

Unlike a halfling Vampire/Demon, Scârbă are not a natural mix of Demon and Vampire traits, but a a collision. It takes a special ritual to create a Scârbă, as the usual reult from attempting to turn a Demon into a Vampire is death.

Book of Lore Entry

Abominations, created rather than born, with unnatural powers—and hungers. . . .

  • Demons poisoned with vampire blood who retain the traits of both species.
  • Previously thought to be truly mythical; considered abominations by most in the Lore.
  • Strongest of any sentient immortal being.

Known VemonsEdit