The Ubus are a species of Loreans who require sex to survive. They have their own plane, the portal to which is located in the Woods of Murk in Scotland. The ubus used this portal as a way to get rid of their rogues for many years until they learned that there was another plane on the other side. Their society in Ubus has much in common with the Lykae.

Book of Lore EntryEdit

The Ubus Peoples
“Descendants of demons, reapers of pleasure. Thrice in one’s arms, forever enslaved. Separation begets grave sickness, yet only through death can the envenomed be freed.”

  • Female: succubus. Male: incubus.
  • Derive nourishment from the sexual enjoyment of others.
  • Possess the ability to sexually madden their victims. A succubus uses strew; an incubus stav.
  • After a third mating, they form a bond with their conquests, a mystical tie called venom.


Ubus have a strew which they are permitted to use on their fated mate or if in grave danger. They have a reputation for being monsters who use their strew indiscriminately. This is because most Loreans only encounter rogues who have been banished from Ubus.

Ubus receive power from sex. When with their fated mated they will both receive power from sex. Human-Ubus hybrids (called Cambions) are unable to strew.

The Odium CurseEdit

Succabae are able to bind males to them with venom. Incubae are able to bind females to them with venom.

This will cause the bound person to feel sick and weakened by a separation. Unless they were unwilling. In this case any energy a ubus receives from him will poison them.

Known UbusEdit