The Vessel is a female in the Lore chosen during an Accession. The Vessel must be of the Lore.

The Vessel is hyper-fertile until she has her first child and the child is destined to become a warrior of ultimate good or evil. Whether good or evil depends on if the father is good or evil.The child of a Vessel cannot father another Vessel's child.

Many factions seek to assassinate the Vessel to prevent the offspring being of the "wrong" inclination. Some will try to capture the Vessel and specify the father to their satisfaction.

Book of Lore EntryEdit

"To be chosen is to be doomed …"

  • At the cusp of each Accession, a chosen female will beget a child who will become a warrior of either ultimate evil or of ultimate good—depending upon the father.
  • Of the last seven Vessels, six have spawned evil.
  • Some factions seek to assassinate the Vessel to prevent any birth. Others battle to possess her and control her offspring.

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List of Known Vessel OffspringEdit