The Witches are a species of spellcasters. Among the physically weakest species in the Lore, along with the Sorceri who are distantly related to them.

The Witches are mercenaries, selling their spells and fighting for the side who pays them. They are known as the House of Witches. They live in covens all over the world, the New Orleans coven located at Andoain only allows single Witches to live there.

The New Orleans Witches are led by Mariketa the Awaited, who is aided by the previous leader Elianna. Previously considered the "Animal House" of the covens and a place for troublemakers, Andoain is a major school for witches.


Every witch has the power of at least one caste: Warrior, Healer, Enchantress, Conjurer and Seeress. Mariketa was predicted to and is the only witch known to fit all five castes. No Four caste witches have been seen. Three-caste witches are very rare. In the case of multiple caste witches their strength lies in one particular caste.

"Then tonight, I somehow knew you were coming. So there's the seeress part. When I attacked you and killed the incubi, there was the warrior. Just now, I conjured that reflection." "And you healed yourself as well. If you enchanted me, you've done five out of five." - Mariketa and Bowen, after Mariketa spoke with her own reflection.
Witches are physically weak, around the level of a human. Male witches are warlocks.

All witches have a different power source fueling their magic, and their eyes do not have a uniform change when emotional. Some witches are capable of controlling their eye's change.


Witches are capable of and often cast Glamour. They are forbidden by themselves and the Lore to create personal wealth or grant immortality.

Book of Lore EntryEdit

House of Witches "… immortal possessors of magical talents, practitioners of good and evil."

  • Mystical mercenaries who sell their spells.
  • Strictly forbidden to create personal wealth or grant immortality.
  • Separated into five castes: warrior, healer, enchantress, conjurer, and seeress.
  • The only witch known to possess the powers of all five castes is Mariketa the Awaited.
  • It’s impossible for witches to kill a member of her own family.

List of WitchesEdit